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Archive of Special Events at Kildara Centre

Special Events 2017

January Film fundraiser
February Yoga class
April Building Bridges/Breaking Barriers

Open Day

Rally for refugees - Bring them here

Oct -Nov Art Exhibition
November Pax Christi AGM

Special Events at Kildara Centre 2016

January Suffragette fundraiser
June Celebratory lunch and conversation
February BrigidFest 2016
May - August Empowering women, strengthening families, Connecting communities
July Delany Day July 9th
July Mini Retreat
July English Conversation class
October Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project Discussion Night
November Art Exhibition
December Christmas Gathering

Special Events at Kildara Centre 2015


Peace in Australia : The untold story

Grandmothers against detention

May Terrorism and the war on terror
July Book launch - Reclaiming an ancient heritage: Celtic Spirituality for Today's World

Daniel Delany Day

August Pax Christi Australia(International Christian Peace Movement)

Conference to reflect on Pope Francise's Pontificate

Pope Francis Youth Forum


Seniors breakfast

Shining: Joan Baez Tribute

December Christmas Celebration
February 2016 BrigidFest 2016


Special Events at Kildara Centre 2014


St. Pat's Day celebrations

July Daniel Delany Celebration
August Breathe the Ayre of Forgotten Centuries

Rethinking the future lecture series

Pax Christi evening

December Brigid's Well Christmas Party
February 2015 Brigidfest


Special Events at Kildara Centre 2013


John Mutsaers Art Exhibtion

Living Fully in the Now

May Thresholds of the Soul| Voices at the Well
October Feldenkrais classes | Gentle Yoga classes
November Feldenkrais classes | Gentle Yoga classes
  Conversations from our Centre
December Christmas gathering

Special Events at Kildara Centre 2012

May Excursions, State Library and Fred Williams exhibition
June Prayer Reflection Day
July Daniel Delany Day
August Indigenous Art Exhibition
September Coralie Ling - Women of the Book


Special Events at Kildara Centre 2011

May 9th Liminality Concert
May 16th Spirit of Australia
June 25th Spirituality in the pub
September 16 Matthew National eConference
September 19 Christine Sage
October 28

Ancestors, Hallowe'en & the communion of saints


October 29

Climate Change - cultural change religious responses and responsibilities

Draft programme

December 2 Christmas gathering

Special Events at Kildara Centre 2010

March 2010 Cairde Bhride Harmony Week
July 2010 Daniel Delany Day
August 2010 Through Violence to Meaning
  Women of Wisdom
  Eucharist Series Anne Elvey
  Gardens as a Metaphor
September 2010 Transitioning Communities
October 2010 The Garden as a Metaphor - Botanic Gardens Visit


March 2009 St. Patricks Night
May 2009 Conversation Evening
June 2009 Daniel Delany Day
August 2009 Labyrinth Day
September 2009

Australian Irish Tours - Ned Kelly Country
Horsham 70th Reunion

Transition Towns Training

Women Theologians and Ecological Crisis


October 2009

Cairde Bhride Annual Gathering
Eucharist Series
Spirituality of the Cosmos

November 2009

Secret Life of Bees film screening



July 2008 Daniel Delany Day
August 2008 STOP PRESS Conversation Evening
September 2008 Reflection Day
October 2008 Illustrated Manuscripts
  Journey to Belonging
  Spirit of Bridgid
December 2008 Advent Christmas Reflection Day
art as meditation flyer